New beginnings all around


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I spent the weekend haphazardly helping my sister clean out her room and pack up her stuff to send her off to the University of La Verne to finish off her college career. It mostly ended up with me sifting through all baby and family photos and her putting stuff into luggage.

I always enjoy reminiscing about old times, but then again it almost makes me sad because everything is so different now. I’m so happy for her to go off to college. She’s swimming for their team, basically because she is a total bad ass. Girl has abs for days.

Through all the chaos of packing and moving, I didn’t get much time to sit down and evaluate my goals and how I want to go about achieving them. I stated what I wanted to achieve this year and the coming months, but let’s talk about the game plan.

I decided right now for me, I want to be strong. I have a new found love for the gym and weights are my new best friend.

I’ve been researching weight routines and how to involve the right amount of cardio. I’m basically looking into interval and sprint cardio. I’m using Lee Labrada’s 12 week weight challenge as a guideline. It’s great, I print it out, drag my mother to the gym and we pump some iron.

There are many ways to live a healthy life style, its determining what your goals are that decide what type of exercise you should be doing. My main goal is to be strong. Although I was a distance runner and as fun as that was, I really want to be able to hold a one arm handstand on a kettle bell. So, I need to lift some weights. A good friend of mine wants to run a marathon in June, so she’s going to be adding a lot  more cardio to her routine. We’re essentially switching places so it’s  great we can help each other out.

Something that really helped me with getting started with exercise on the daily again is motivational pictures and sayings all over my room.


A little blurry, but its positive quotes and  the all known rockin Gwen Stefani

I printed out a ton of Reasons to be Fit pictures and made collages in my room, bathroom and even pinned them around the house. Every time I read them I am reminded of why I want to be fit, why I want to go for a run and why I want to go lift weights.

I always struggle with the fact that I know I want something, but am always in fear that I will fail so I don’t even try. Well I recognize that. Now that I don’t have a team and great friends to carry me through the ride, I have to do this on my own.

Whatever it takes to get there, make sure you do all the little things that work for you. Some of us are motivated in different ways and need a little more to get ourselves out there. Trust me once you get over the hump of the “first day” training feeling…its smooth sailing from there and it feels great. Just make sure you don’t get back there ;)

My workouts

Day 1 Jan 7


2 x 12 1x as many as you can (always about 20 reps)

Bent over dumbell rows

Underhand pull-ups

Standing barbell curls

Alternate dumbell curls

and 30 mins on the bike for cardio..I was doing intervals of easy and hard

Day 2 Jan 8


2 x 12 1 x as many as you can

Bench press

Incline Flyes

Seated Dumbell Press

Dumbell Lateral Extensions

Tricep Extensions

Bench Dips

I could definitely feel my arms shaking today. It was a great workout.

I am going to make sure I am blogging on the daily. That way I can keep better track of how I feel for each workout. I always seem to forget the details once the day has passed.

What do you do to keep yourself motivated?

Time to stop denial and Just Do It


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Attempts and fails 

I originally started this blog in August 2012, but haven’t taken the time to do anything with it. This isn’t because I haven’t had time to do it. I chose not to deal with the reason I made the blog in the first place: to lose weight and stay fit. This probably seems like as silly reason not to continue writing my blog.

A little background

My name is Stephanie Consiglio and I was born and raised in beautiful, sunny Southern California. I grew up in a very active household. My sister and I were always a part of some athletic team. I was even fortunate enough to be a cross country and track athlete at the collegiate level. I graduated from Chico State with a BA in journalism in May 2012.

My other passion being writing, I started this blog was to only share ideals with the online fitness community, but to motivate myself to not give up after college.  When I graduated I was the fittest I had been for awhile (around 125 lbs). I was strong, happy.  Life was good.

photo (7)

        Mt.Sac relays 2012, running the 1500.

I don’t know where I turned for the worse, but I became intimidated by life and totally dismissed this huge part of who I was: fitness. I couldn’t face what I let myself become. I stopped writing.

I always have had trouble with body image and once I wasn’t on a team, I let that be my excuse to give up on myself for not being perfect. I stopped exercising all together. I felt sluggish. I hated every moment of it. I would try to work out again, but it would only last for a couple of weeks and I would be right back to not doing anything.

I drank more. I slept less. I ate horribly. I felt horribly. In turn,  I just hated myself more and more.

391665_423783101003257_175304911_nphoto (9)

End of summer 2012 

After awhile, I figured it was best if I moved back home to reconstruct my world and be the person I always wanted to be. Right before the holidays (So, I didn’t make any quick change quite yet —I was not going to skip out on pies and chocolate :) ).

Living in the present and making goals for the future

Today I stand at about 150 lbs and definitely the weakest I have ever been in my life. My clothes don’t fit. I used to be able to run 80 miles a week as easily as I could tie my shoe. Now I’m glad if I make it through a couple of 4 mile runs. 

I’m tired with myself for making short term goals. I’m tired of not following through with my aspirations. I’m tired of giving up on myself. That is not the example I want to be. Maybe ringing in the new year motivated me a little more, but none the less, here I am. I’m going to get fit and stay fit.

As much as I wish I didn’t do this to myself. This so-called ‘weight-gaining’ experience happened for a reason. Now I absolutely know what I want and what I need to do to make myself happy.

New Years Resolutions

Since it is January and obviously not the end of the world..again, I want to list out my personal goals for this year- something I have never done in the past. This is a great way to visually see what I want to accomplish, so I don’t inadvertently dismiss my goals.

  1. Be honest with myself
  2. Work out like a beast because it makes me happy
  3. Be less cynical in life and think more positive
  4. Keep in touch with those I don’t want to lose
  5. To know that I am strong enough to stay strong
  6. Be productive

I will be putting up some before photos, so I can track my progress each week. I want this blog to be my journey to the me I want to be. I will be sharing workouts, love for sports, my nutrition and motivational photos. Image

What are your resolutions for 2013?

How have you struggled with weight and body image and how did you overcome it?

Feel free to share tips!


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